At the Sunday protests, a common response to the calls for a revolution or ousting the current president from his seat at the table, was Давай!

In that spirit, we’re off to Kiev.  Quite a group of us will be departing this evening for Kiev to take part in the huge protests happening in that city.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the day that Ukraine signs this trade agreement, and it promises to be an interesting one.

I promised a longer blog post about the protests, and seeing as I need to go pack in a hurry, I will not be delivering on that promise today.  I will, however, say that it is inspiring to see people who care enough about what’s happening in their country to stand up.  As an American, who has seen many a protest fail, the spirit and belief of folks in the change that these protests could bring is striking.  It has been a pleasure to witness.

As I go to Kiev, I hope that you will turn your prayers to this country that I love so much.  I hope that you will pray for a peaceful and just resolution.  I want you to pray for those that have been in the squares all week protesting.  Those who’ve been arrested, maced, tear gassed, or roughed up.  I hope that you will pray for the future of this tiny nation, even if you can’t find it on a map, even if you think it’s a part of Russia (which it’s not) because faith is not effected by geography.  God will still know what you’re taking about.

I may be out of touch through the weekend, but I promise a full update when I return.  Hopefully I will be bearing good news.


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