Sunday Protests

I will have a much longer entry about the HUGE (some are saying 15,000 at the protest they said 25,000) protest in L’viv, but to hold  you over, here are some videos I took with the translation (done by Olya) beneath it.


“Students, we started all of this, and tomorrow our place is not in classes, but here, on the street.  Our place is here, to show the politicians that this is we who want change.  I ask all of the politicians to come off of the stage, because we started it, and we want to support it, and we will continue it.  I ask the politicians to leave the stage for us to continue this rally so that we can express our thoughts and our desire to be in the EU.    And more news from Kiev, the most popular slogan is, REVOLUTION!  REVOLUTION!  REVOLUTION!  REVOLUTION!”


“You know, a couple of years ago, during elections, I was saying that Ukraine needed a revolution.  The older people were saying, Mr. Yuri, don’t talk about revolution, because people are afraid of revolution.  Indeed.  They are scared of the uncertainties that are waiting for them when a revolution breaks out, but we need it.  And today, when I hear from the young people that we need a revolution, my heart is rejoicing.  My heart is rejoicing because you understood this.  Listen, the orange revolution was not a revolution.  It was a big public meeting, and we need a revolution.  We need a change, changes in everything, of this regime and nomenclature, and those political parties, and eradication of those rotten politicians of all kinds.  We really need changes.  A new Ukraine.  And to do this we need a revolution to understand (thank you) we ourselves have to change.  The revolution has to start from ourselves, and when we will realize this, we will become different, not Soviets.  We will cut the umbilical cord of the Soviet Union, which is still, which we didn’t cut.  And then we will really become Ukrainians.  And then now you will build a real Ukrainian Ukraine.  Not a quazi-Ukraine, which has been built for us and was preached/taught to us for 20 years.  Let the Ukrainian revolution live.  Glory to you, especially to young people, the students, because students have at all times been on at the cutting edge of the revolutionary beginnings.  Glory to you that you are, and that you are filled with that revolutionary spirit. Glory to Ukraine.  Glory to the heroes.  Glory to the Ukrainian language.  Glory.”


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