In the next few blog posts, I hope to shed some light on what I’m doing here.  I realize, I rarely post about work, specifically, so here we go.

One of my biggest responsibilities right now is preschool.  Erika Tatchyn, my supervisor, has felt called by God for such a long time to open a Christian preschool.  The plans have been in the works for long before I was ever a thought here, however, I have had the pleasure to see it come to life.

The process of starting it, began this summer.  We drew up rules and regulations (my dabbling in hr in previous jobs came in super handy), made flyers, hired a teacher, organized materials, and just ya know did the start up work that must be done.

As it is right now, we have three classes, two in Vynniky (where Erika lives, about an hour outside the city), and one class in L’viv.  We are also, now expanding to a Mommy and Me group once a week in L’viv as well for the wee bitties.  Classes are 2 hours and include bible lessons, English lessons, Ukrainian lessons, snack, crafts, and suchness (Mommy and Me is only 45 minutes).  Our maximum class size is 6 children per class, and right now we have one class of 3 year olds that is full, and then a class of 3 and a class of 2.

Having never really taught English, or anything for that matter, to wee ones, it has been an interesting experience.  I am surprised each day by how much they have learned and how much they remember.  They are really quite precious.  The other day, one of our girls didn’t want to talk at all (her mom speaks great English) in English.  When she got home she told her mom, “I don’t want to speak English.  I’m a Ukrainian girl, I speak Ukrainian.”


In my planning and searching, I have found this amazing website!  I have stolen many lesson activities from this website.  Now, truthfully everything she does won’t work for me.  This leads to me having to make all of our materials.   I have downloaded a really great trace font.  I have raided websites for hands-on learning methods.  And though I think we’ve been pretty successful, ya know, I have had some failed lessons (yes, I’m talking about you seasons lesson).

This blog, though, is for my favorite lesson yet.  I stole almost every single piece of it from Teach Preschool.  I have no shame.  I steal when I need to.  I am NOT an ESL teacher, and I am so so thankful for the amazing professionals out there who are educating children in amazing ways and seeing fit to share their ideas with the world.  Seriously guys, you rock my socks off.

This lesson was all about the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  What’d we do?

We learned the song.

We learned some words–web, spider, rain, sun.

Last night, a great big spider came a built this great big web.  Our friends are trapped on the other side, do you think you could help them?

Last night, a great big spider came a built this great big web. Our friends are trapped on the other side, do you think you could help them?

We climbed through a web to help save our friends on the other side.

Climbing through the web.

Climbing through the web.

We did an awesome sight words worksheet (that I made and came up with boo ya).

We dug through jello to find spider pieces like eyes and legs.

We made a play!  The children made all of the props for the play, except for the spout (which if you were wondering, is indeed a vacuum hose neck part thing).

Our awesome sight words work sheet.

Our awesome sight words work sheet.

Seriously, best lesson ever!!  We are now starting to make a sight words journal with the older ones, which involves writing words and illustrating them too.

This has been such a great opportunity to educate wee ones about God in a fun and interactive way.  To watch them explore the bible stories we all know in new and fun ways.  Seeing the lights turn on for some of these kids is really amazing.  Seeing the pride on their face when I ask them, “What is your name?”, and they respond correctly, is pretty awesome.



At one point we may have gotten a little hung up on “drying” up the rain, but we had fun.  Please forgive the singing.

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