It’s an American Invasion!!!

I am super stoked to announce….

Drum Roll Please………

Duke Wesley will be here on FRIDAY!!!  

To answer all of your questions at once:

Yes, I’m freaking out.

No, I’m not done with everything yet.

Yes, we will eat delicious food.

They will be here for about a week.

Yes, we will be eating all of the chocolate that we can find.

Yes, you should be excited too!!!!!!!!!

I am going to try to wheedle some of them into posting on my blog a few times during the week so that they can confirm to you all that I am not a crazy person for loving this place.  I mean seriously, how could you not love it here.  They will be here helping us with outreach but handing out flyers, running english club, participating in a scavenger hunt, talking to university classes and so on.  They will also be learning about the culture and history of Ukraine and this great city.

It will hopefully be a fabulous time.

I ask that you pray for our community as we welcome these folks into our lives, that we will not only impart some knowledge and awesomeness, but that we allow ourselves to be open and touched by their presence.  And pray for those Duke folks too…….  those poor poor Duke folks.  😉


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