Don’t Worry

Want to know something I think you and I have in common?

We try not to fall.

Seems silly right?  Well, I’ve spent my entire time in Ukraine trying not to fall or sprain an ankle on the super adorable cobble stone sidewalks here in L’viv.  I’ve managed quite well, really.

Until this week.

That's what about 6 inches of snow looks like....

That’s what about 6 inches of snow looks like….

Winter has arrived.  Yes you heard it here, first!  Winter is here!!!

There has been snow on the ground for more than a week now (actually as I write this it is currently snowing), and I’ve been trying my damnedest to not fall.  Alas I have failed.  In the past four days I have fallen three times—my name’s not grace ya know.

This morning I got up and showered, went to check my email only to remember that my internet is broken, and I looked outside and saw that it was snowing.  I thought ‘yay snow.’  And then I busted it.


All 8,000 pounds of me landed on my right hip (and it still hurts ps).  I was maybe 30 yards from the door of my apartment building, I considered going back in and hiding for the rest of the day, however I was due at the Student Center.  So I got up and brushed myself off.  I was just about to be in a really bad mood when a song came on my little radio.

So I leave it to brighten your day as well!  And if you fall in the snow, as I did today, use the time to make a snow angel instead of a scowl.  🙂


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