Eating my way though Krakow

I cannot remember the last time I ate out so much…  Maybe it was training in NYC…  Either way, being in Poland away from home eating out is kind of the name of the game.  So for anyone planning a visit sometime soon, here are my experiences.

My first breakfast out, I found this charming cafe, Camelot.  Right in old town, this place was sooo good.  The staff was super nice, and I enjoyed some amazing tea with this raspberry sauce that will blow your mind!  Bonus, super affordable.

Now listen to me closely, ignore all the other mexican restaurants that might try to win your fancy, Alebriche is where you want to go.  I was having serious mexican food withdraws, and this place was exactly what I needed.  I had the Enchiladas Verdes–made with homemade corn tortillas WHAT?!–and guac.  If you’re feeling particularly saucy, try the Horchata.  I have been told it is the only place that serves it.  This gem is located just a few blocks away from old town, and they serve breakfast, lunch, and supper.

I went somewhere for dessert on one of these days, and had my first bit of Mulled Wine.  I don’t know what I thought it was before this, but yo it was soo good.  I wish I could remember the name of this place, but it was in old town, and super good.  So good that I was only a wee bit peeved when I walked out only to find there was a cupcake place literally two doors down…  Must be more observant in the future…

One of the best decisions I made this whole trip was stopping for a bite at Momo a vegan restaurant almost across the street from the hostle I stayed in.  It is every hipster’s dream cafe with a good range of deliciousness.  I had some lentil soup that makes lentils seem cool.  Also, bonus, after three months of being Chai Tea-less they had a fabulous chai tea!

Moment Resto was an excellent breakfast choice.  I realized that what I thought was cottage cheese from the states was really just a poor imitation of what cottage cheese could be.  Soo good.

There was also an appearance made by two chinese restaurants that let me down significantly, a polish restaurant that I can’t remember the name of that was pretty good, and this Jewish Polish restaurant that was really really good that I can’t seem to find the name of anywhere.

I have also had the supreme pleasure of feasting on Burger King and resses peanut butter cups.  Life is good.

Even with all this deliciousness I am so ready to be back home in L’viv.  Hopefully by Wednesday morning I will be back in the city I have grown to love so much!


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