So tomorrow we have our big Halloween party!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Plans have been made and decorations purchased, but most importantly all of the super awesome people have been invited (aka any and everyone)!

I like to plan parties, but really I like the prep.  I like all the cooking and decorating and moving around.  So this am I woke up bright and early to scrub my apartment, so that it would be fit for human presence.  Being the music blasting cleaner I am, I was blasting some Gungor, and scrubbing pots.

In the last couple of days a lot of people have been talking with me about time with God.  Some were saying that we make less time than our parents and them than their parents.  Another was saying that we need to make intentional every day quiet time with God.  Not doing anything but sitting in the presence of God.

As I was rocking out to Gungor, cleaning my pots, I was thinking about how I was multi-tasking God–as usual.  I’m quite fond of it really.  I’m an excellent multi-tasker.  I think that this comes from this production mentality in the states (as well as other places I’m sure).  At the end of the day we want to be able to say we did this this and this, that we were productive and deserve rest.  This usually entails doing a few things at once.

But when I asked my friend what he did yesterday, he looked at me and said, “I had the most amazing moment with God.”  He then told me all about how he was in his kitchen (a place I often find God as well), just listening and praying with God.  That was his big accomplishment yesterday.  He didn’t have some long list of things he accomplished, or maybe he did, but the most important thing he did was sit with God for a bit.

How often do I make time for this?  How often do I make intentional time for God?  How often do you?

I like to multi-task God.  I like to pray while I walk, think about God awesomeness on the tram, pray while I’m folding clothes, ect.  I don’t think that this is a bad thing.  Communication is the key to any good relationship, and we definitely communicate even if it is mostly the one way.  But doesn’t God deserve ‘real’ time, intentional time?  Time where I’m listening as well as talking?

So I challenge myself, as well as all of us on this Manic Monday, and in the days to come, to take some time.  Not just on the drive to work or the minute before you fall asleep, but some real time dwelling in the presence of God.


One thought on “Multi-Tasking

  1. It is strange in protestantism there are so ways of praying physically. Catholicism has praying the rosary, Islam has bowing, Judaism has swaying and dancing… I find that God and I are better in tuned when my body is busy doing a repetitive task. Chopping vegetables, folding laundry, biking… It allows my mind to center and focus. There is a time and a place for quiet meditation with God, but I know that for me, it isn’t all the time.

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