On Wednesday, Katie and Nick–the two mission interns that came before me–, returned to the states.  We had a very emotional last Pilgrims together, and a very joyous goodbye party.  I think you can tell a lot about the impact a person has had on the way that they are said goodbye to.

Nick and Katie had such an amazing presence here, and were a truly a blessing to all.  This ministry is better for them having been here, and I know that I am better for knowing them.  They picked me up from the airport, answered my questions, and were a huge part of my transition.  It was my privilege to work beside them for the past two months.  They have been with this faith community during these super hard last few months, and did so like champs.  No one could have expected what would happen here, and they were here in the midst being a part of the presence of God.  Sharing in anger and hurt, but giving comfort, meals, counseling, and friendship.  Not many folks could have done it as well or as lovingly.

This community is thankful for your service, Nick and Katie.  I am thankful for your witness of Christian leadership, lifestyle, and love.  You are amazing people, and you have touched so many lives here.

I am a fan of not saying goodbye.  I’m a terrible goodbyer myself (snotty crying and suchness), but as I was telling someone the other day with the glories of the internet it never has to be pa pa.  Nick and Katie, you are awesome folks, and I know that we all can’t wait to see what amazing things you will do in this life.

See ya later.


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