A love letter to Ukraine

Dear Ukraine,

Thank you so much for the opportunity of being here and beholding your awesomeness.  Thank you for the blankets on chilly nights at the cafe.  Thank you for helping me lose 15 pounds.  Thank you for Vereniki, and using sour cream as a condiment.  Also, the chocolate here is a delight for my tummy and my soul.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you most of all for allowing me to hang out with your people.  The folks at the student center, church, and about the city have been more than wonderful to me.  They are full of the most amazing spirits.  My friends at the student center, they have been through a lot this summer, and there is still yet more to endure, but they are so amazing.  They haven’t let these things dim their lights.  I cannot imagine how hurt, angry, and confused they are or have been, and yet they have welcomed me with open arms.  Of these folks, Ukraine, you should be so proud.  They are wonderful, and they love you so much.  They are so patient with this loud obnoxious lady from the states, and I could not be more grateful.  I am so blessed to be here among them.  To hear their stories and witness their lives.

I hope that together, we can work on a few things like tolerance for spicy foods and your crazy driving habits (I mean seriously just because you can get that close doesn’t mean you should.)  But mostly, I like you just the way you are.  Thank you so much for letting me reside here.


PS.  Please don’t deny my visa in a month…


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