Yes that IS me having coffee in a cafe in Europe. Feel free to be jealous.

So my adventure in Ukraine is about a week old yet, and though I’ve felt lost and super confused at times, I really do love it here.  The people are fantastic, and the city is amazing.  The other day a new friend took Katie and me to a lake out in the middle of no where that we had to drive to.  That little drive reminded me how different this city is than home.  En route I saw trees, farmers, and open sky!!!  It was glorious and just like home.  I am not really a city girl, and that lake is more my speed, but this city is pretty awesome.  Things d0n’t happen to early in the AM and you can sit in a restaurant for hours without being shooed out.

I start my official Ukrainian lessons on the 1st, and I am super excited to start being able to know what is going on and what’s on the menu.  Haha.

This ministry with students and the church plant here are so full of life and wonderful people , and I cannot wait to be able to more fully participate.

Yesterday, I happened, unknowingly, upon a parade.  There is some international festival thingy happening currently and they had this great little parade through center and then to the square bit.  So for your enjoying pleasure some photos of this parade.

They pulled people (some most unwillingly) into the dance!

This fella from Spain was quite good too!

The parade was pretty great, and I will leave you with a little clip of the first fellas pretty fantastic clarinet playing.

The parade
so apparently the little clip isn’t working, but the link will take you to the video that is posted on my facebook page)


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