Here We Go Again

So it’s here, moving day.

At 9:00 AM today the Mission Interns and Us-2s along with core staff will be headed to DC in preparation for the Celebrating Young Adults anniversary event and commissioning.  I do still have two days of training after that, but I’m ignoring that reality right now.

We 36 have made it.  There are no tests or shots left to partake of, we have made it.

This is such an odd reality to be faced with.  Training flew by.  We started on July 12, and at the beginning after the first few days of tightly packed schedules and lots of intake of information, I thought, this is going to last forever……  It felt like an eternity till this day.  And in many ways it doesn’t feel real.  It doesn’t feel like I am going to make it to commissioning.

I mean if I get commissioned that means that I’m being sent right?  That affirms that I am going somewhere doing something for the next three years of my life.  And as scary as that might be for some, I am elated.  I cannot believe that something this amazing would be placed on my life.  I cannot believe that this is what God had planned for me.

It’s not going to be all roses, I get it, but what an amazing opportunity to journey with others in the seeking of God, to journey to new places to show and receive God’s love.  I am super stoked.

We ended our last day of training together last night with a joint worship service.  Madam president, me, presided over the planning, and it was tense, as any event planned by a bunch of leaders would be.  I will say though that the service went amazingly well, and the end of our worship was so moving to many of us.  We sent each other out into this world.  We didn’t ask one of the leaders to, or allow a pastor to, we sent ourselves into the world.

We have made wonderful, and at times tense, bonds during our training time here, and even with all of that we sent each other.  I hope that we will continue to support and love one another on this journey.  Through commissioning (during which I will surely cry) and our time of service, and I hope that you too will love, support, and pray us through.


If you want to watch the commissioning streamed at 7:00 PM EST on Friday, go here.


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