Ministry With*

 What does it mean to be in ministry with not for or to?

I worked assisted livings for the last four years.  Our caregivers are trained, and the rest of the staff in turn, to assist our residents with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  These include dressing, showering, putting on shoes, going to the restroom, ect.

A small lesson, assisted livings serve older folks that need a little bit of assistance in your daily life.  Perhaps you need help ambulating or with medication compliance.  Nursing homes, by contrast, are mostly for folks that are non ambulatory.  This could also include folks that have catheters and other sorts of medical realities.

So in the assisted living setting we assist our residents in the things that they don’t do well.  We do buttons and tie shoes as well as lift and shower them.

We have always encouraged out staff to be gentle in the doing.  We don’t want to tread on anyone’s dignity.  More importantly we want to let the residents do what they can do.  If they can button their shirt, let them button their shirt.  If they can apply their blush, let them apply their blush.

Everyone brings something to the table.  A little less dignity is lost in this situation.

We’ve been talking a lot about how we work in ministry with, work in mutuality.  And it hit me tonight, I know exactly what that looks like!!!  It’s not the example I used on my application, but it’s still just as relevant.

It further drives home for me that God has allowed for certain experiences in my life to set me up for this next part.  He has given me the tools, now I just need to continue to identify where those tools are hidden.

Ministry With*


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