Campus Ministries Changing the World

So I’m at this missionary training in NYC right?  Well as a part of that we are all invited—required—to share our stories.  To practice telling stories, so that we can articulate what to say when we meet people but also for further understanding among the group.

This was the third night of YAMs (young adult missionaries) sharing with two nights of staff sharing that preceded it.  I’ve got to say, I have been so moved, touched, and blessed in witnessing the telling of my colleagues’ lives.  They are all so terribly unique and they are testimony to how God calls each of us in different ways.

I once wrote about my calling not being anything special.  It’s not an attention grabber.  Nothing was on fire, there were no dreams or visions, but for some of my friends they have had profound moments when they felt God calling them.

I have noticed something that is quite present among our group.  Many folks received their calling or their spiritual foundation through….

Campus Ministries!!!!

I was pondering on this tonight as I realized that at least one person every night (of the YAMs that is) has mentioned how collegiate ministry has shaped their lives—some even received their callings in the college ministries.

I love collegiate ministries.  I am passionate about how collegiate ministries are where we nurture and grow the future leaders – both lay and clergy—of our church.  I think that these call stories are such a testament to that.  Here I am surrounded by some of the most intelligent people I have ever encountered that want to work towards the transformation of our world, and so many of us started or were fueled by our college ministries.

I am so excited to know that there are such vibrant campus ministries out there.  That they are fostering and developing the future leaders of our church in a way that makes those students feel empowered to go out and do.

I want to shout this out to all of our churches, “Look at what college ministry is doing for the young adults of our church.  They are mentoring folks that are going to change the world.  Isn’t it freaking AWESOME!”  I hope that I get to shout about the transformative impact and vitality of campus ministry for a long time to come, and it looks like I will have some amazing friends on the journey!


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