So I have arrived!!!

I am officially at the YAMS training in at Stoney Point (a conference center) in New York.  Super duper!!!  I am super stoked to be here and find what God has to show me over the next four weeks.  Today was our first full day of activity with the group, though we are still missing a few.  I have already been blessed and influenced by those that I am surrounded and those who have joined us to share.

I will try in the coming weeks to keep this blog updated with thoughts and activities of the young adults as we journey through this time.

Last night we had vespers, and during Liz Lee (the boss lady) asked us to write down how we hope to be a blessing to the communities that we are going into.

There were lots of great answers among the group that got my brain juices flowing.  I think that for me, I hope to be a blessing by living authentically.  I feel like my faith is deeply rooted in a tradition of authenticity.  At the Winthrop Wesley Foundation, Rev. Narcie Jeter, definitely lived out this model and I think that it speaks to us being in ministry as real people.

When I was visiting home, while at my uncle’s house, they called me “the saint”.  They said things about my failure to order a drink at supper, or that they thought that I didn’t cuss or do anything wrong.

They know better than that.  I mean really, did I sign up for something that somehow made me incapable of wrong?

I feel like one of the greatest things that you can give others is an authentic representation of yourself.  I don’t want to be placed on some kind of holier than thou pedestal over there, I want to be able to be here, present, making mistakes and receiving grace as often as I offer it.  I feel like that is the only way folks will feel like you are a ‘real’ person.  That you can understand and empathize because you live a real life and not some show of an existence where you feel no pain and endure no trails.

So I hope that looking back in a year and half and three years from now I can say that I lived intentionally in an authentic way in order to show others that the love of God isn’t just for the perfect.  Not only is it not for the perfect, but God doesn’t call perfect people to His service.  I am called, imperfections and all.


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