Up in Rock Hill

It has begun!

Yesterday I said goodbye to my new work place.  Today I packed my bags and said goodbye to Rock Hill (well not a real goodbye, but a see ya later).  My accent to training in NYC and then to Ukraine has begun!!

Now normally I suck with goodbyes.  I snot sob during the goodbye and then while in the car cry as I turn up the radio.  It’s what I do.  You would be proud to know that yesterday, there were no tears (well at least not where anyone could see or of the same kind of heaving cry), there were smiles and see ya laters.

And today when I left Rock Hill with all my belongings in tow, my eyes were dry still.

I have so enjoyed my time in Rock Hill, and have learned, grown, and loved so much during my time there.  There are so many other options I had when choosing where to locate my life after high school, and though they were all great, choosing Rock Hill was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

So to Rock Hill, as my father’s daughter, I dedicated the theme song to Cheers.  Thank you Rock Hillians for making the past 6 years the best yet!



Bonus……..  Hahahahaha

Warning the above video includes lewd gestures and language not suitable for youngsters.  This is an inside joke inside Winthrop Wesley.


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