An Ode

I am of the impression that every person you meet makes an imprint on you.  They kind of step on your face on their journey, and in doing so leave the footprint on your nose.  Some are small, perhaps they effect they way you write your k’s, some are profound–they change your life.

This post is about the latter.

I have had the absolute privilege of working for, knowing, and loving the Jeter family.  Narcie and Mike have both profoundly shaped my life.  Together we’ve gone through a lot of junk, sunshine, and gossip these past 6 years, and I am so amazingly blessed to call them my friends.

Today, they are moving to start their new lives in Florida.

I refuse to say goodbye to them.

That’s something I find to be amazing about all this technology, I don’t have to say goodbye.  I can say see ya later.  Lord knows I couldn’t say goodbye to them.  I also couldn’t thank them enough for all of the grace they’ve given me.  As well as the good times, hard talks, and meals.

I have truly cherished my time with the entire family, and I have so enjoyed seeing their little ones grow up to be the precious crazies they are today.

So thank you Jeter family for taking time with me.  I will never forget it, and I’ll love and appreciate you for it forever.

Have fun in Florida, I’ll see you later!!


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