Rock Star

With big eyes she suggested, “Let’s go meet Adam Hamilton.”

Me:  “No thanks, you can go.”
Me:  “Not really, but you can.”

Stolen from a tweet on #gc2012

Friend:  “But he’s a rock star!”


I have spent the past few days quietly observing the United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, FL.  It being my first time here, and me having little previous knowledge about the ins and outs of it all,  I haven’t said too much.  It’s not like me right?  I am taking it in, soaking up as much as I can trying to retain all the acronyms and names.  I had the great pleasure of running into a good friend of mine after some fireworks went down at the end of one of the sessions, and she asked me with great big excited eyes if I wanted to meet Adam Hamilton.  Rev. Hamilton is a United Methodist preacher, and is currently located at The Church of the Resurrection in Kansas somewhere abouts.  He is the pastor of one of the biggest (if not the biggest) church in our denomination.  He has multiple campuses and a huge staff and all kinds of things.  This church is HUGE.  Rev. Hamilton is well known (but of course) throughout the church, even to me, a nobody.  Yay for him.I am sure that Adam Hamilton is a wonderful man.  I am sure that he is a great preacher.  A good husband, good father (if he is one), good Methodist, and all sorts of other good things.  This is not an attack against him.  Here’s my question, how is it that a friend of mine and other folks see this preacher as a rock star, shouldn’t the only rock star in the room be Jesus?  This man would be and is nothing without the God he serves.  I am sure that he puts God at the forefront in his church and in his dealings, but people do view him as some sort of idol in that they want to recreate him.  They want to grow their own mega churches, and the model they are looking at is that of Adam Hamilton.  I personally do not like mega churches for so many reasons, but that’s neither here nor there (many people do find God there, and I think it’s great for those who love it).  I think perhaps I just need to know that Jesus is the only rock star.  He is my rock star.  I am sure that Adam Hamilton is a great man, and it would appear that he has done a good thing in Kansas, but he is not the rock star.  He shouldn’t be the reason that we go to church or want to grow mega churches; Jesus is our rock star, He is the reason that we go to church, and if we feel that the spirit is leading us to grow our church in such a radical way then that credit goes to Jesus too (or the Holy Spirit ya know).  I think that is a big reason why I believe in the itinerant system, that way when you think of your church, you think of the body of that church.  You go there to find your community and God, not a preacher, the congregation and the spirit’s presence, not a physical man or woman.

So I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, but it happens.  What do you think?  Rock star or no rock star?


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