What song are you singing?

I was listening to the radio recently, and one of the announcers said, if your life was singing a song, what would it say?  I know this was in reference to some song that had just played that I have since forgotten, but really it is something to think about.  We are conveying to others all kinds of things about ourselves by our actions and words, especially when we don’t mean to.  For example, I read a short story today to my residents called Learning to Read.  In the story a little girl learned how to read as she watched her mother, who was a “finger reader”, read the Bible to her.  She didn’t realize that she could read until she corrected her mother one day, and bada bing bada boom she was reading.  At the end of the story (which I felt was abruptly wrapped up and not quite fully developed, but it was a short story after all) she said that her mom really taught her more than just how to read, but about faith and right from wrong and suchness from the lessons in the Bible.  She unwillingly and unconsciously taught her daughter great life lessons in the simple act of reading to her.  People are watching us all the time.  When we cut someone off, when gossip at a restaurant, when we scold our kids (not me obviously), how we treat our coworkers or angry customers, someone is always watching and evaluating.  More importantly God is.  If when we get cut off and yell angry curse words (I totally am very guilty of this) what do the people in the backseat think, the driver in front of us, and more importantly what does God think?  Are we singing a good song, or did we play a bit of a dissonant chord at that moment?  I think it is something to ponder during this season of Lent and preparation for Easter.  What song are you singing?


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