So I officially fail at updating this blog, I promise to try to do better.

I’ve been thinking a lot about grace recently…  We talk a lot about grace in the Methodist Church, or maybe just mine, and at Wesley.  I think grace is a very important part of this faith of ours.  I think that grace is something that we often give so freely (as if it is ours to give anyway, but that’s a whole other blog) to people we think deserve it.  Maybe that homeless man down the street, perhaps the mother struggling to feed their family, we may instead of judging them, give them a hand or a dollar, and that makes us feel good inside, that we did a good thing, that we gave them some grace.  The reality about this grace thing is that it is pretty darn hard to give it to someone who we don’t think deserves it.  People who have maybe wronged us or cut us off in traffic, maybe that waitress that has given you terrible service all night when all you wanted was a good meal.  To give grace to people that won’t provide us with some feeling of satisfaction of helping or fixing someone or situation, to give it to someone who has been rude to you is very different and very hard sometimes (obviously)…..

At work we have a pretty challenging lady, who kind of snaps and expects you to be there regardless of what any other resident needs, needless to say, she’s used to an at home sitter, and we cannot accommodate that.  Well my supervisor, Diane, and I don’t work on the floor so we don’t see the caregiver’s side of this.  We don’t see how some of the residents treat our workers, but Diane got a taste of that the other night…  This woman needed assistance, and Diane went in and helped her, and our resident was more than down right rude to Diane while she was assisting her.  Diane said, ya know, we tell the care givers to really be sweet and attentive to our residents regardless of their attitude, but I really didn’t want to be nice to this resident when she was being so ungrateful.  It is hard!  It is freaking hard.  Diane is the most Christian woman I know, she beams Jesus through her every action, and even she was challenged by this lady.  It is hard to give people grace when they don’t make it so easy.  It’s is difficult to not “zing ’em” (name that movie reference) when he/she/them are icky to you…  We hardly ever know the source of someone’s rudeness or ickiness, and sometimes all it takes is a little bit of grace to help that person get though it, whatever it is.  Maybe that looks like giving that waitress a little extra tip, listening to someone who is so desperate for attention she’d talk to a wall, or assisting someone that isn’t really angry at you for not coming but perhaps more angry at herself because she wishes she could do it herself…  It’s all about perspective, attitude, and grace.  Showing the love of Christ to everyone regardless of our personal bias.

Even as I type this I am struggling with a person that I live with, maybe she just needs a friend…  It is all about walking the walk, if I just write on here ‘oo even if it’s hard we need to give grace to people, we need to not ignore those who bother us or curse those who cut us off, but look past it and give them the benefit of the doubt,’ and then not do it myself, then they’re just words and I’m then again falling short of where I need to be, of where we are all striving to be.

I’m going to stop rambling now, but before I do I think that we all need to think about granting people grace everyday, maybe start with just one and move on up from there.  You never know what is on the other side of someone’s bad day or misfortune, and could be something as little as a hug to turn their day around.


One thought on “Grace

  1. So, we’re reading this book called “Gracenomics” in my young adult class at church, so I’ve been thinking about grace a lot lately. Its really hard to give grace to the people I really don’t like, or the people who have offended me lately… but, grace is given to anyone, even if they don’t deserve it, and thats what i’m working on right now

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