A New Theme, A New Blog, A New Journey

Alrighty folks a lot of quick update and then some explaining.

I will not be joining SBP in October.  There are many factors going into this decision, but I promise they are all good.  When the dust has settled I will be providing you with more details.

As for the change…

You’ve no doubt noticed that I have changed this whole thing around, and for good reason.  This needs a focus… I need a focus.  I was at a concert last night for Tom Conlon and there is something about these concerts he does for us at Wesley always move and inspire my soul.  He is deeply in love with Jesus.  It shows through his performance, his speech, and his life.

I want this.  I want this in loveness with my Jesus.  Right now I love my Savior like I love my mom, it’s kind of an after thought.  I never say I love you first when we get off the phone kind of thing, I know you know what I’m talking about.  I’m not in love with my mom, my name is not Hamlet, but I think I should be in love with God, with His word, and His people.  This blog is now officially dedicated to my quest to falling in love with God.  Finding and exploring the deepest and purest love there is.  This will not be an easy thing for me because I suffer from cramming for the test short term memory loss syndrome.  I have been reading the Good Book every night before I go to bed for about a year now, and let me tell you what happens.  I read it, I like or not, I ponder, I pray I sleep, I forget.  In that order about every night.  I may think to myself before I pray how much I liked the last line or the middle part of the passages I read, but then they slip away even before my eyes finally close.  No more will this happen.  I will either commit to reading before bed, but then blogging about it before all the good ideas leave my mind (because I have all my best ideas in the evening), or having quiet time in the AM with my Bible and then blogging about it.  I don’t know.  I don’t know if I will read straight through or at random, but I do know that I am going to actively seek to read it.  I am going to actively seek my God.

You may think well why now, and what’s wrong with your relationship with Christ as it is?  Well, to you I say, I have never “seen” God.  I have never experienced God or had some moment with Him.  For some people, they don’t crave these experiences, but for me, I hear Tom talk about experiencing our Creator and I want that.  This is not to say that I don’t witness, what Narcie calls, “God things” because these “things” are surrounding us always.  The small cat scratch like scars on my belly are proof of the “God things”, but I want more, and I want to want more.  I think I, and others, are all too often completely happy with the status quo, and I can’t let myself be that way.  If so, I let God be an after thought in this life that He gave me.  I want Him to show through me, I want to talk to Him and actually, for once, hear and notice His response.  I know He’s there, I know He’s listening, and I know he wants more of me just like I do of Him.

So here we go together on this journey.  Hold on, cause I’m not sure that safety belts are available.


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