Last Medical Update Ever (hopefully!)

Sorry I’m so slack.  I went and saw the doctor last week and…  (drumroll please)

Everything is on the up and up! No cancer, that needs chemo or radiation anyway, I lost six pounds, and am healing up quite nicely.  There is a chance that it will come back in the remaining ovary so I need to be monitored in the future (yearly ultrasounds), but besides that I am done!  Praise God!  Thank you all for all of your support and love!

In other news…..

I think it is crazy where life is taking this group of Wesley people.  It’s it funny how things turn out.  We are going everywhere, Duke, NOLA, Philippians, Costa Rica, and Atlanta.  Who would have thought that we would end up in such varying places?  Really it’s just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see where our lives take us.  Watch out world, here we come!


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