Hello world!!!  I am sorry for my brief hiatus, however, I have been a little busy….

A brief update is in order I think.

The surgery went AMAZING!  They got everything out and then some.  They took the large tumor, the right ovary, some right lymph nodes, a small cyst off of the left ovary and a layer of fat (although now my belly is a little lopsided, but I am sure it will even out)!  All of my vital signs were completely strong and normal throughout and after the surgery.  I was doing so well they wanted to release me that day, but we decided better to be watched for a bit.  While on the subject let me extend a big shout out to the most amazing people at CMC main!!!!  AJ, Kirk, Nurse Hall, and everyone else who attended to me were all amazing, wonderful, caring, awesome people. I was released the next morning into the welcoming and capable arms of my best friend’s family where I have resided since.  Prisella was here for a few days, which was a complete blessing.  She was so so helpful.    And I am happy to report that I am doing so very well.  I could not have anticipated how much pain I would be in initially, but I’m hard headed and pushed through anyway.  I have been off of the pain meds since Sunday evening because I am really not in any pain.  I mean there is general soreness when I change positions (from sitting to standing and vice versa not to mention when I lay down or try to rise from that position), but overall I am in no pain at all.  After I sit, I’m fine, after the initial pain of standing I’m fine to be walking.  It is really remarkable.  I return to the doctor on the 9th to be cleared for work and life again.  My grandparents think I should take another week after that, but if he clears me I’m going!  I am ready to be a productive citizen again.

In other news, I have been offered two very awesome jobs.  One in WA state and one in NO,LA.  I am happy to report that after much struggle I have accepted the offer in NO,LA, and will be starting there in October.  🙂   I am thrilled of course to be opening this next chapter in my life.  I cannot wait to move and start on this exciting adventure.  I will be a volunteer coordinator with St. Bernard Project, and I expect all of you to contact me at that time to set up when you and your family, friends, church group, or fraternity will be joining us for some service.  😉

As I wrap up this first post surgery post I would like to mention a few things.  1.  I am sorry for going on and on about the surgery and my fears, however, it was a big deal to me and me not sharing them wouldn’t be real or exclusively me.  I do realize that I probably rambled a bit too much about it, and thank you for enduring it.  2.  My “host family” the Blairs, are the most amazing wonderful stupendous people in the world.  If I had doubts of their love and awesomeness before they have all been dashed away.  They have taken better care of me and offered me more love and laughter than I thought would have been possible.  They have truly blessed me.  3.  I missed Meg leaving, but wish her much luck at Duke, I know she will flourish there.  4.  I have a new roommate, Amy, at least until October.  I am thrilled.

#5. (and most important) I am truly blessed, happy, and humbled.  Everyone has been so amazing towards me during this time, and though I am resistant to change and assistance, I do really appreciate everything.  The cards, the prayers, and the gummy candies.  In short, you guys rock.


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