My guardian angel portrait

The angel over my bed.

I am a product of the 90’s, let’s face it. I loved boy bands, Are You Afraid of the Dark, All That, and scrunchies. Also infiltrating the 90s scene were angels, I mean they were everywhere from movies to tv to the little figurines. As much as I was into American Girl and the Boxcar Children (oh which I owned most of the books well that and the Babysitter’s Club) I was also very much into angels. I had little angels everywhere and I slept with a stuffed one. Not to mention I did love Angels in the Outfield and the show Touched by an Angel (how many 90’s references can I get in one post?). I even had a portrait of a guardian angel over my bed when I was growing up. I’m telling you they were everywhere.

Well on Friday I met some real life angels.  I went to get my CT and have my pre-op all by myself in Charlotte.  I thought before I went, this is no problem, I can do this it is just a little scan and a little talking.  I have found that my “strength” is a farce.  I try to be so strong around my work people and my peers, but it’s not real, and anyone who reads this knows that I am petrified.  I don’t really have the appropriate time and place for the breakdown I deserve, so I blog about it and eat my feelings.  I have found though that doing the dr thing alone is not a good idea if I expect to be strong.  I went to CMC Mercy on Friday for my CT and was great and pleasant until I had to get the iv (only the second one I’ve ever had).  A wonderful nurse, Pam, took a very full Erica back to get an iv and Erica was nervous.  I was pacing and trying to breathe and calm myself for the upcoming needle in the arm.  She was so sweet and comforting, asked about my procedure and why I was having a CT.  I told her in my normal calm demeanor (the way I tell everyone) and then sat down and got ready.  She started to prep my arm and I started to cry, like snotty nose cry.  She was so amazing to me.  She hugged and reassured me.  Told me that everything was going to be fine and that it was perfectly fine to be scared because it’s a lot for such a young lady.  She was appalled that I was there alone.  She went and got the admin to come and hold my hand and placed the iv.  Of all the people I met on Friday, she was the most amazing and the biggest blessing.  She made me promise that I would have my sister call her when I was out of surgery.  She even visited me after the CT to give me another hug and remind me to have Prisella call.  The other nurses and the CT tech were awesome and gave me the soft tissues  😉 .  My next stop was at CMC main for pre-op.  There I encountered a very nice nurse (whose name I have to find out).  She did my paper work and asked me the first round of questions.  The physician’s assistant asked me the second round of questions gave me some instructions and then said it was perfectly fine to be nervous, wave #2 of crying.  The nurse then escorted me to the blood man, who couldn’t find a vein and hurt the crap out of my arm, but she tried to soothe me and talked to me about sports while holding my hand.  She then got me a soda and crackers, had me escorted up to x-ray and my day was done. 

I know that I am a big baby about all of this stuff, but let me tell you, I would not have made it through this day without these real life angels.  Although I do believe in the unseen angels of everyday life, but I think it is the angels that God puts in our path that makes the most impact on us.  I will never forget these amazing women at CMC (nor will I forget that blood man, if he comes to put in the iv in on Wednesday I’m kicking him out) because they were my real life angels.  God put them in my path on that day because He knew that I wouldn’t have made it through without them.  We are so blessed to have a Father that watches out for us in such a way. 

Now if Prisella calls back on Wednesday and they say there is no Pam I will feel like I’m in an episode of Touched by an Angel.  🙂


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