20 Blessing About Getting this Surgery

My attempt at a silver lining.  🙂

1. Good drugs, or at least that is what I keep hearing.  I have never been one to take too many medicines, but apparently I get the good drugs in the hospital and the good drugs when I go home.
2. I get to see Prisella!!
3. I will get to spend some time at home surrounded by my SC family, friends and blood relatives alike.
4. FREE FOOD!!!! Let’s face it, no major life event comes without people bringing you food, be it dessert or soup.  I am STOKED!
5. Realizing that I have the most AMAZING support system in the world.  I know that I’m not dying, but my friends, family, work peeps, and acquaintances have been AMAZING in the outpouring of love department.
6. Getting in touch with all of my family members.  Even though it’s not in the best of times, I have spoken to my aunts and uncles more the last week than in my entire adult life I think.
7. (I’m at least trying to make this into a positive) Being taken care of for a bit.  Let’s face it I am the caregiver, I am not one to be taken care of, however, that is apart of this process, so I’m taking it as a blessing and running with it.
8. Being pain free in two (to four) weeks!! I am so excited to experience my life once again without this pain in my stomach. I mean a month of pretty constant pain is a lot for anyone.
9. More lunches with Narcie.
10. More quality, although I’m sure she’s ready to kill me, time with Meg.
11. Knowing that people are willing (poor Adam) to deal with my mom just to see me in the hospital. Not that I want you guys to see me that way, but company is always nice.
12. Knowing that I am in EXCELLENT hands at CMC. My doctor and nurse are/were amazing with me on Tuesday.
13. Getting this taken care of expediently. I couldn’t handle dealing with the dread of surgery for an entire month, so the fact that this is happening next week is the most awesome blessing of all.
14. The discovery of pretzle M&Ms. They are the best M&M they’ve made since dark chocolate almond.  As a side note they don’t have the dark chocolate almond in stores  😦  you have to get them from the M&M store, but they are totally worth the multi-hour drive.
15. Getting chauffeured everywhere! Who doesn’t like to be driven around, well that is as long at the driver is not a scary one aka my mom…
16. Being taken care of by the most amazing people at CMC. They held my hand, gave me hugs, and supplied my tissues for all of the pre-op stuff.  I know that this is similar to #12, but it has to be restated, they are AWESOME!
17. Joshypoo is coming to visit!! What an awful circumstance for me to see people under, but I am so happy that he will be here.
18. I will be recovering with my favorite people in the world, well minus a few. I’m kind of excited to get to spend some time at home. 🙂

I’m having trouble getting to 20, but I will update and get there I promise!


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