So there’s this guy…  We’ll call him “Mike”, for all my facebook stalking readers…  Mike is in my EMT course (which will thankfully be over on Saturday), and is a firefighter in Georgetown county.

He is a redneck.  Like from his truck to the dip a redneck to the core.  I can deal with that though.  My very first “serious” boyfriend was a very big redneck, just in a less dippy more I like to read way.  I find myself torn between thinking that he is nicest guy, I mean really nice, and thinking that there could never exist a relationship between us even though he very obviously wants some of your girl.  He texts me from the moment he thinks I am up in the morning until one of us goes to bed at night.  He is, for the most part, very thoughtful in not wanting to offend my delicate feminine nature (oh if he only knew) which, though it is unnecessary, I kind of appreciate….  Mainly because it is not in a condescending way, like with the last guy who tried to be all gentleman like.  My big problem is not the redneck thing, it’s the dip thing, it’s the not liking to read thing, it’s the probably being quite a bit smarter than him thing, and all of those together tell me that nothing serious could evolve from this.  Also not to mention that I am trying to move out of this state, and he wants to live in Georgetown County for the rest of his life.  I know that this all sounds so incredibly stupid and arrogant, but I find myself wondering is it so bad to a couple of standards?

The dip thing is a deal breaker period.  I cannot stand it, and will not ever date anyone who frequents it.  I mean the thought of kissing someone with dip in their mouth makes me want to vomitar all over el piso.  I am sure that we could come to some kind of arrangement or something, but ewww.  I’m just saying ewwww.

The reading thing, all in all isn’t a big deal except that I love to read.  I can’t imagine not sharing that with my next someone.  What would we talk about?  As of now we only talk about his work, my work, and this class.  Is that enough to build a relationship on?  And while we are on this tangent, I want to travel the world and this country for as long as I am able.  I don’t want to stay in SC at this time.  I am hopefully moving very soon, and that doesn’t bode well for a new relationship…  Not to mention I don’t think that I would be happy staying in one place at this time for a long period of time like Mike wants to.  I have asked him if he wants to travel and he says that he just wants to stay where he is.  I think that that is great for Mike, but I don’t know if that will make me happy…

Then there is the intelligence thing.  I am, admittedly, not the brightest crayon in the package.  I am not even a dull yellow, but I do have some gray matter up there.  I am not sure that I could date anyone that doesn’t challenge me mentally.  I think I need someone that expands my thinking someone who challenges my very core to make me see things differently, or vice versa.

Every time I think of all of these reasons not to try to pursue this thing with Mike, I think of how kind he is, and how much he likes me.  In case you didn’t get it earlier, he likes me a lot a lot.  I also feel awful because I feel like I am judging him unjustly.  Who am I to judge his attributes?  On the other side of that, shouldn’t I be allowed to weigh and measure his qualities to decide if he would be a good match for me, and should I feel guilty for exercising that right?  What it all boils down to is the question, is it ok to have standards?

I still don’t know the answers to these questions, if you do let me know.  Meg thinks I should give him a shot, but I am still unsure….

Thoughts?  Answers?


2 thoughts on “Standards

  1. Just because he’s not the coldest beer in the fridge doesn’t mean he’s not as tasty as the rest! Sometimes you just have to be fair and give him a chance, ya know? You won’t know until you try. And when you do, whether it’s good or bad or whatever, at least you tried and didn’t let all of your thoughts get in the way of giving him a chance. By the way, Mike is on your facebook…don’t ya think he might read this? Just looking out for you, dear! Happy work day, see you tonight!!

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