So everyone remembers all of their favorite Disney movies right?  There were all of the princess movies (my fav was Beauty and the Beast, I was so Belle, but I wanted to be Jasmine, Meg actually insisted people call her Jasmine when she was a child…  It explains a lot  lol), a few dog/animal movies (The Fox and the Hound was really an under appreciated movie, I remember loving it), and then the whole pixar thing happened and changed the way Disney movies were made.  My favorite story as a child, though, was Peter Pan.  The boy who never grew up, well unless you have seen the movie Hook.  I know that I, as an “adult” (whatever that means), have grown to love it even more over the last few years.  I identify very much with the whole story, especially Wendy’s role, and I wish that I had the eternal youth, though it is sometimes lonely, that Peter has.  When I was around the age of 10 I began raising my two sisters.  My mother went through a rebellious teenager phase, decided that she was a lesbian and moved us an hour away (and then 15 hours away) from our family.  During this time she was gone constantly and the burden of the house and taking care of my two sisters was on my shoulders.  I do not for a moment resent taking care of my sisters.  They are the two most important people to me on this planet.  I do resent on occasion, my mother stripping me of those years when I should have been at Disney World, a place I have still never been, or outside building club houses with the girls down the street.  In the movie, Peter Pan, Wendy has been told it is time to grow up and stop playing with her siblings, time for her to become a lady. Wendy and I are a lot alike in that respect, but I have always envied the Peters of this world.  Gabby is one of those Peters.  She was sheltered by Prisella and myself and she is as care free a person you will meet.  She lives in a fantasy land where money grows on trees and you can live with your mother forever, but I love her carefree spirit.  Will it pay the bills and put food in the pantry?  No, but for at least a little longer it will bring her bliss.

If you have never seen the movie Finding Neverland, you need to go rent it right now.  Go.  It is the best movie ever.  In the movie they talk about the analogy of the croc in Peter Pan, how time is chasing all of us.  Hook runs from it the best he can, but inevitably he gets eaten by the very thing he is running from.  Swallowed whole, well at least in the Hook version.  Meg and I watched a movie tonight called, When in Rome, feel free to try it out, but we were underwhelmed by it and I wouldn’t endorse it.  That movie is a chick flick to the core, and it is all about this woman running from love and to work.  When I say that she runs I’m not talking in a metaphorical kind of way, most of the movie is her literally running from one person or thing to another.  In the end she too gets swallowed whole by the very thing she is running from, love.  It makes me wonder what others are running from or to, what I am running from.  I find myself running scared of being the adult that I always was, but now with the added bonus of bills….  I find myself running as fast as I can to Neverland, but never quite making it.

I would hope that the things we run from we should be running from, that we aren’t running to stay the inevitable, or else one day it will sneak up on us and gobble us whole.  On the flip side, I do hope that we run fearlessly into the things that we can neither avoid nor want to avoid.  That we go full bore towards the things that spark life within us.  I am trying each day to run towards the things that will hopefully set my life on fire.

What about you?  What are you running from or to?


One thought on “Running

  1. Running = training for my half marathon. Hmm…that reminds me, I should probably start training. Maybe I’ll dress up like Jasmine for the race? I mean, it is around Halloween… bwahaha no but seriously, you can call me Jasmine at any time. 🙂

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